Karen and Mark

Dear Dr. Burke,

Thank you very much for meeting with us today and for examining and treating Logan. I was extremely impressed with the manner in which you promptly and personally greeted your patients, and then you put Logan at such ease during his exam that he didn’t even want to leave your playground environment. Logan, by nature, is very shy around all people and is especially uncomfortable during medical exams. I have a feeling that you may have helped him to overcome that discomfort this morning. As a parent yourself, I am sure you understand how appreciated such gestures are.

My lifelong best friend is an ophthalmologist from New Jersey and she agrees 100% with your medical advice, but no one needs to concur that your bedside manner is the very best I have ever seen. While I’m sure my husband would choose you for his own ophthalmologist if you treated adult astigmatism, on behalf of all moms, I hope you stay in the pediatric business for a very long time to come.

Again, we are very grateful for both your kindness and your excellent medical advice.
Karen and Mark