Thoughts on Glasses

Dr. Burke is one of Cincinnati’s most trusted resources concerning glasses needs in children.

Eyeglass frames come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing one that will fit the child’s needs is important. Whenever possible, purchase the glasses from an optician who is experienced working with children. Let them recommend the most suitable frame for the child’s facial features, age, prescription, and activities. Ask about warranties for your child’s eyeglasses and seriously consider purchasing one for at least one year from the date of purchase.

Most lenses in the eyeglass frame are made of a plastic polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate lenses are very lightweight yet are especially strong and shatterproof offering the child significant protection. Children who have good vision in only one I should wear polycarbonate glasses for protection at all times even if they do not otherwise need glasses.

Cable temples (soft plastic material wrapping around the ears for added support) are recommended for infants and particularly active toddlers. Flexible or spring hinge allow for some outward bending of the temples and are particularly useful to prevent breakage.

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