Lazy Eye

Dr. Burke is one of Cincinnati’s most trusted resources concerning treating lazy eye in children.

What is Lazy Eye

Many people mistakenly lump amblyopia (poor visual development) and strabismus (eye misalignment) into one category called “LAZY EYE”. These are two distinct problems and require very different therapies. Amblyopia is caused by a child’s eye not being used properly and that lack of stimulus results in the brain’s not developing normal vision.

How is Lazy Eye corrected?

Correcting amblyopia requires that the diagnosis be made as young as possible and appropriate treatment started right away and compliantly continued until maximum visual recovery is achieved. Strabismus, the encyclopedic word to describe all types of eye misalignment, typically requires surgery to straighten the eyes. Although strabismus usually begins and is typically treated in childhood, adults with eye muscle problems may be treated successfully at any age.