Warning Signs of Potential Eye Problems in Children

Dr. Burke is one of Cincinnati’s most trusted resources concerning eye problems in children.

Vision concerns

  • cannot see well
  • poor eye contact
  • unable to see distant things clearly
  • stumbling over small objects
  • blinking more than usual
  • squinting eyelids together or frowning
  • eyes flutter quickly from side-to-side
  • drooping lid

Eye alignment concerns

  • crossed eyes
  • wandering eye
  • shutting or covering one eye
  • blurred or double vision
  • tilting or turning of the head

External eye disease concerns

  • rubbing eyes excessively
  • red-rimmed, encrusted, or swollen eyelids
  • inflamed or watery eyes
  • recurring styes or chalazions
  • itching, burning or scratchy eyes
  • excesive sensitivity to light
  • chronic tearing or wetness with or without discharge
  • eye pain