Down Syndrome Eye Problems

Dr. Burke is one of Cincinnati’s most trusted resources for Down Syndrome Eye Problems

The improved quality of medical care and educational resources provided to these children has allowed them to lead more productive lives and to have a longer life expectancy. The proper assessment and correction of their visual functioning can further enhance their quality of life.

Individuals with Down syndrome are at increased risk for a variety of eye and vision disorders. Since many of these problems have the potential to reduce vision, it is important to identify them early.

A pediatric ophthalmologist should evaluate all children with Down syndrome during the first six months of life. Because potential ophthalmic problems appear to increase with age, reevaluations are needed every year or two. Fortunately, many eye disorders common to individuals with Down syndrome can be treated if discovered at an early age.

If you have general questions about Down syndrome or would like to join a support group, contact the following organization.

Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
644 Linn St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45203
(513) 761-5400

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