What should you know about the refraction?

A refraction is a special procedure that measures the optical properties and focusing power of each eye. Eye drops may be necessary to accomplish these measurements. Together, with a complete ophthalmologic exam, the refraction permits a better understanding of the health of the eye and its vision.

When a refraction is performed, does that always mean glasses are necessary?

Only when indicated for medical or optical treatment, a prescription for corrective lenses is written and given to the parent.

Why is the refraction billed separately?

As with all special ophthalmologic procedures, this procedure is billed separately from the overall examination. Unfortunately, some insurers fail to accept or understand that refractions are a medical necessity in children. Because of this, refractions may be a non-covered service and not paid by your insurance. In this case, you will be personally responsible to pay for this necessary and special part of the total eye evaluation.

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